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Call for papers

We are pleased to invite submissions to the DIS 2019 workshop on A Sample of One: First-Person Research Methods in HCI, to be held in San Diego, CA in June 2019.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: Tuesday April 23, 2019 **DEADLINE EXTENDED** New deadline: Monday April 29, 2019
  • Notification decisions sent to authors: Friday May 3, 2019
  • DIS early-bird registration: TBA
  • Workshop date: Monday June 24, 2019

Workshop aims

First-person research (i.e., research that involves data collection and experiences from the researcher themselves) continues to become a viable addition and, possibly alternative, to more traditional HCI methods. While we have seen the benefits of using methods such as autoethnography, autobiographical design, and autoethnographical research through design, we also see the need to further explore, define, and investigate the practices/techniques/tactics/implications of first person research in HCI. This one-day workshop aims to bring together a community of researchers, designers, and practitioners who are interested in exploring and re-imagining the ‘taken-for-granted boundaries’ in HCI and interaction design as they relate to research methodologies, where we focus on the use of first-person methods. Therefore, our aims are:

  • Foster a deeper understanding of first-person research in HCI and interaction design.
  • Identify valuable areas of interest and key opportunities for first-person research.
  • Consider best strategies to plan a first-person research project.
  • Examine ways to make the knowledge gained by using first-person methods more accessible and impactful.
  • Investigate connections between first-person research methods and other complementary methods in HCI, thereby exploring the frictions and intersections between such methods.

Submission information

Potential participants should submit a 3-page position paper (including references, in SIGCHI Extended Abstracts Format) describing their interest and/or previous work related to the workshop topic. We will select papers (plus 6 vignettes) to be presented at the workshop based on relevance, quality, and diversity. We will limit the size of the workshop to 15-20 people. At least one author of each accepted position paper must register for and attend the workshop.

Questions and submissions should be emailed to

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