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**SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED** : Monday April 29, 2019

First-person research (i.e., research that involves data collection and experiences from the researcher themselves) continues to become a viable addition and, possibly even, alternative to more traditional HCI methods. While we have seen the benefits of using methods such as autoethnography, autobiographical design, and autoethnographical research through design, we also see the need to further explore, define, and investigate the practices, techniques, tactics, and implications of first-person research in HCI.

To address this, this one-day workshop aims to bring together a community of researchers, designers, and practitioners who are interested in exploring and reimagining research in HCI and interaction design, with an emphasis on first-person methods.

You can read our full workshop proposal here [link to appear soon].

Issues to Be Addressed

  • What are the main challenges encountered when doing, writing, and publishing first-person research in HCI?
  • What are examples of successful research protocols and research tactics when doing first-person research in HCI?
  • How do we deal with authenticity, bias, and subjectivity in first-person research projects in HCI? How different are those concerns from other qualitative or design research work?
  • How might we understand the various roles of team members (e.g., grad students/advisors, interns/supervisor, designer/developer) within first-person research in HCI?